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Rose Sneak Hits the Streets with Simple, Sleek Modern Hybrid City Bike

Aug 17, 2023Aug 17, 2023

Rose Bikes is kind of killing it right now with good-looking practical bikes that are easy on your wallet, and this new Sneak hybrid alloy commuter is another no-nonsense example. Calling it an “urban fitness bike with a sense of aesthetics”, the new Sneak is an affordable bike for zipping around town, with all the latest modern integrated standards and gravel-like tire clearance to guarantee a versatile ride…

Rose officially calls the Sneak an “urban fitness bike”, but make no mistake, this is another lovely take on the modern hybrid – like the Hobo. Then, extend that down to the availability of traditional and step-through frames for easy usability.

Meanwhile, this new Sneak isn’t actually an ebike like Rose’s more-swoopy and unsurprisingly heavier & more expensive Sneak+.

The last few years have taught us to call that a flat bar gravel bike. But really, this just is that no-nonsense universal bike for both cyclists and non-cyclists to use to get around town during the week, then hit the bike path, or explore a bit further on gravel roads over the weekend.

The Sneak sneaks pretty much all the best modern features you’ll find in top-tier road & gravel bikes, and drops them into a bike for the masses.

So, you get integrated 68cm wide flat bar cockpits – 1 piece carbon combos with integrated SP Connect mounting for your smartphone on the top models. You get fully integrated internal cables routed through the headset.

There’s a sleek hydroformed alloy frame and full carbon fork with 12mm thru-axles. Besides, the Sneak also gets proper 40mm gravel race tires, 3 cage mounts, plus even hydraulic flat mount disc brakes and modern wide gravel-ready drivetrains.

All in all at affordable prices, and weights under 10kg.

The Sneak features quick-handling gravel-like geometry in 4 sizes (S-XL) and conventional ‘HighStep’ or step-through ‘MidStep’ frame styles.

These Sneak frames feature a BSA threaded bottom bracket, full 1.5″ headset & 31.6mm seatpost. Additionally, all Sneaks ship with Knog Oi bells. The bikes get rear rack and kickstand mounts, but no reference to full-coverage fender mounts.

The Rose Sneak comes in 4 sizes, 2 frame styles, 3 models & 3 colors. Pick from Faded Denim blue, Light Mint green, and Chalk grey.

Complete bike builds start at 1400€ for the Sneak 1 with an extra durable Shimano Cues 2×11 LinkGlide groupset. Or, on the other hand, there’s the other mechanical shift Sneak 2 for 1800€ with a GRX 810 2×11 drivetrain and the 1-piece carbon cockpit.

Then, at the top-tier, the Rose Sneak 3 upgrades to SRAM Rival XPLR wireless 1×12 for 2600€.

The new hybrid flat bar city commuter gravel bikes can be pre-ordered directly from Rose now. Then, deliveries start in 4-12 weeks’ time, depending on spec.